Monday, March 26, 2012

Ishant Sharma Doubt IPL Series

New Delhi: Indian fast bowler Ishant Sharma the operation has to ankle injury. The 5th IPL. Participating in the series. Indian team is a young fast bowler Ishant Sharma. If you are suffering from long term ankle injury. When England last year2011, to the operation, doctors said that he is after six months and needed a rest.

Since of this, and waited until after the Australian series. Participate in this 4-Test series, and only take 5 wickets only. Then, he returns to India, England and have the operation. India is probable to return to them in a day or two.

Ishant Sharma said a close one, the stitch applied to Ishant, feed. Is divided in 2 or 3. To the 5th IPL Series in Apr-4 starts. Thus, it seems that it would not participate in the series Ishant, he said.

Ishant Sharma, which has complete the operation, because it would require at least 6 months' rest, before the month of September, he is improbable to return to cricket. India, Sri Lanka flanked by the teams, the series will be held in August this year. So he was Participate doubt.

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